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    Sawdust pellet machine is a new production of renewable energy equipment, is the use of wood grain, tree branches, maize straw, rice straw, rice husk and other plant waste, through crushing, mixing, extrusion, drying process, the final wood particles made of granular fuel combustion, directly to the indirect alternative energy such as coal, oil, electricity and gas. Biomass energy as the fourth largest energy resource, occupies an important position in the renewable energy. Development of biomass energy can supplement the shortage of conventional energy, also has the significant environmental benefits. Compared with other biomass energy technology, biomass pellet fuel technologies are easier to implement mass production and use.
    The importance of sawdust granules assembly: first formal qualifications old big manufacturer in sawdust sawdust pellet machine equipment dynamic balancing of all moving parts installation debugging, concentric to the height, which are not produced when high speed vibration, so it is not easy to damage the equipment. Second the same original material, but different machining accuracy, then assembled equipment, a full set of CNC machine tools, all parts are processed by the manufacturer alone, to ensure the processing precision. Machining accuracy high, accessories and fittings between the installation precision is high, the operation of wear degree will be much slowed, stability and longevity of many of the equipment. Again, different assembly engineer, different experience and qualifications, the assembly of equipment must also is not the same, these are the important factors of equipment and stable quality, is the client know not to come out of appearance. So the sawdust particles machine equipment selection failure is the most important factor.
    Sawdust pellet machine is a high technical difficulty, wide market demand of the special equipment, with the growing need for national development of new energy, biomass pellet fuel instead of non-renewable resources products, the biomass energy in China machinery industry facing greater market opportunities. At the same time, in the face of such a large market demand, the domestic wood fuel particle factory house, should keep pace with The Times, constantly increasing investment, insist on technological innovation, product upgrades, to realize the development of products from low-end to high-end.




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