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    來源:必发bf88唯一官网 发布时间:2016-08-12 16:24 浏覽次數:
    木屑顆粒機主要是用来做燃料和轻骨填充料,或是再复合成人造板,如中纤板。也可以作为造纸原料。使用木质颗粒燃料这一替代能源及环保燃料,可以为“温室气体减排”做出实质性贡献,同时还可以大量减少能源消耗,相比化石燃料,平均可节省50%以上能源。 该木屑顆粒機在海外市场吸收顆粒機之精华,它的心脏部分“双层模”具有独特的结构组件,'压轮''采用高耐磨合金钢,大大提高配件寿命。
    Sawdust particles machine mainly used for fuel and light bone filling material, or compound into a man-made board again, such as the fiber board. Can also be used as a papermaking raw materials. Using a wood pellet fuel alternative energy and environmental protection fuel, can make a substantial contribution to "greenhouse gases", at the same time can also reduce energy consumption, compared to fossil fuels, average more than 50% energy can be saved. The particles machine in overseas markets to absorb the essence of the pellet machine, the heart part of the "double mode" has a unique structure components, 'roller' high wear-resisting alloy steel, the life of parts.
    木屑顆粒機有润滑脂注入,并自动过滤自动润滑系统,可确保长时间工作不会停止。它还具有防尘和冷却系统,可以减少粉尘,并改善工作环境。新一代的木屑顆粒機有效解决了对生物粗纤维难制粒、效果差的缺点,主机传动采用高效皮带传动,环模采用快卸式抱箍型,喂料采用变频调速喂料,确保喂料均匀,门盖配强制喂料器,采用国际先进制造工艺制造工艺可为您的各种顆粒機量身定制各种原料用的优质模具,使你的设备寿命延长,产品质量提高,吨消耗费用下降。 木屑顆粒機主机传动采用高精度齿轮传动,环模采用快卸式抱箍型,整机传动部分选用瑞士、日本高品质轴承,确保传动高效、稳定、噪音低,环模采用快卸式抱箍型,喂料采用变频调速喂料,确保喂料均匀,门盖配强喂料器某国际先进水平的补偿型蛇蛇形弹簧联轴器,具有结构新颖、紧凑、安全、低噪音、低故障性能。
    Sawdust pellet machine with grease injection, and automatically filter, the automatic lubrication system, to ensure long hours will not stop. It also has a dustproof and cooling systems, can reduce the dust, and improve the working environment. A new generation of sawdust particles machine effectively solved for crude fibre granulating, the shortcomings of poor effect, the host transmission belt transmission, high-effective ring die with quick-release anchorear type, feeding adopts frequency control of motor speed feeding, to ensure uniform feeding, door cover with forced feeder, adopt international advanced manufacturing process manufacturing process can tailor a variety of raw materials for your various particles machine with high quality mould, increases the life span of your equipment to improve product quality, consumption expenditure are falling. Sawdust particles machine transmission gear transmission with high precision, USES the quick-release ring mould type of anchorear type, the machine drive part selects Switzerland, Japan high quality bearing, ensure the transmission efficient, stable, low noise, ring die with quick-release anchorear type, feeding adopts frequency control of motor speed feeding, to ensure uniform feeding, door cover with strong feeder at an international advanced level of compensation type of snake coiled spring coupling, has the advantages of novel structure, compact, safe performance, low noise, low malfunction.
    Sawdust pellet machine equipment, fuel price for market survival of many, many farmland straw burning waste environmental protection requirements of the development of high efficiency, anti-wear was tired strong new straw sawdust particles machining machine. Sawdust particles machine equipment in the production of the fuel particles with big density, high calorific value, put out, low capital and using the bento, clean, convenient for storage and transportation advantages, alternative fuel wood, coal, natural gas, liquefied gas and other widely used in the stove, heating furnace, hot water and steam kettle, drying furnace, the industrial economic success, for dietary heating and etc., is China's newest of renewable green power.




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