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    Many people don't know biomass pellet machine performance and function.
    Biomass granule machine is actually to damp powder developed into particles, can also block dry crushing into the particles. Main characteristic is to screen simple installation, also can be appropriately adjust tightness yu machinery, disassemble, easy to clean.
    Biomass pellet machine is divided into two major series, series of flat die and ring die series. On the series of ring should be familiar with, because in the feed of domestic and international numerous enterprise using the ring die machine. Do feed raw materials are concentrate, such as corn, soybean meal, cotton pulp, adhesion rate is high, equipped with steam conditioning before another granulating device, can advance to play the role of softening, curing materials, so as to better granulating, and increase the gloss of particles. But like straw, wood chips, such as crude fibre, itself low adhesive rate, difficulty in molding, if as fuel particles, the need of density is very big, so I need a lot of pressure to reach the density of particles, this aeriform in increasing the difficulty. Due to renewable energy is emerging in recent years, the market promotion for fuel particles by the ring die pelletizer is evolved by the ring die do feed machine, so there are still many disadvantages to improve.
    Biomass pellet machine adopts conical roller in our company, and ends with mould disc, outer ring line speed, not appear dislocation of the wheel and mould friction, reduce the resistance and reduce the kinetic energy loss, prolong the service life of the mould, reduce the production cost.
    Machine is strong, simple operation, stable running, a large volume of measures. Rotating drum with stainless steel making to ensure the quality of the processed material clean and does not change color. Mesh sieve mesh, should be in accordance with the requirements of particle size, bring your own by the user, the device with two steel pipe clip, easy installation and tight pine wheel shored up by fine teeth, can the appropriate adjustment.
    Can meet the needs of various customers, if you have any need to come our company to buy biomass pellet machine. We will give you a rest assured products, this is our tenet!!!!!a




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