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    As local releasing environmental policies in recent years, around the coal-fired boiler have been banned. More and more small and medium-sized enterprises begin to use biomass boiler as a heat source, and therefore demand for biomass pellet machine. As the best substitute of coal, biomass pellet machine exactly what are the advantages to make it favored by the users in a short time?
    A, can be recycled
    Biomass pellet machine after burning ash can be used as plant ash, is one of the widely used rural peasant potash fertilizer, promote the growth of new plants, and entered a new cycle, make the continuous supply of biological resources sustainable use.
    Second, the use cost is low
    Than the other fuels, the use of biomass pellet machine and its low cost, the first is don't have to use the desulfurization and denitration equipment, greatly reduce the equipment investment. Second, biomass particles of ash content is generally low, produce very little ash content after burning, so using biomass granule of boiler is very convenient to clean up, can greatly save the labor cost
    Third, take up the space is more convenient transport
    After machining through the biomass particles, wood or straw space can reduce more than five times, greatly reduce the volume of raw materials, reduce the transportation cost directly, so that the biomass particles can flow freely. Plus biomass particles in pressing process can produce high temperature, can also kill most of the bacteria in raw materials, so the biomass particles can be stored longer.
    According to the characteristics of the renewable energy, biomass energy utilization of promising in our country, biomass pellet machine as the main fuel of biomass energy, are of great help to China's energy structure improvement. Generated from biomass resources in the rural and community, to combine the characteristics of the rural and the difference between the developed countries to make application, wood biomass pellet machine is suitable for pressing hard adhesive, molding material. Such as: sawdust, sunflower seed shell, peanut shells, such as a variety of melon shell; Branches, tree trunk, bark and other wood scraps; All kinds of crops straw; Rubber, cement, ash and other chemical raw materials through high-speed suppression become biomass pellet machine.




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