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    來源:必发bf88唯一官网 发布时间:2016-09-05 16:59 浏覽次數:
    Biomass energy resources in the pace of development in recent years, far beyond the expected. With the development of social economy and ecological environment, develop the biomass energy is have to attach importance to the social development, which is to develop the biomass pellet machine energy equipment is inevitable trend. From began to be used in production of biomass particles, to stroke are flawed, nowadays in biomass energy industry is determined by the social development. Why biomass pellet machine energy equipment such rapid development?
    Biomass pellet fuel is second only to coal, oil, natural gas after the fourth largest energy. After compression by biomass granule machine, a new type of clean fuel production in the occupies an important position in the renewable energy systems. The application of biomass pellet fuel has partly replace conventional energy sources such as coal, gas, at the same time, can effectively relieve the strain on energy supply problem. The Chinese academy of engineering, tsinghua university professor wei-tou ni once said, biomass pellet fuel energy use in China.
    Biomass pellet mill scale to promote marketization of pellet fuel
    The promotion of the biomass fuel use is a new generation of a wave of energy, biomass pellet machine industry scale is driving the wave of the hurricane.
    The wide use of new biomass fuels need necessary conditions. Establish a pilot program, and gradually perfect the existing technology, the realization of equipment production scale, industrialization, forming a perfect technical research and development, equipment production, the collection of raw materials, product distribution system. Effectively reduce the use of biomass fuel cost and promote the development of biomass pellet fuel technology.
    After the operation mode of the reasonable and effective, the perfect service system, combined with the past as well as in other parts of the promotion of biomass pellet fuel, targeted training personnel.
    In the vast countryside in our country have abundant biomass raw materials, in the process of demonstration promotion to cooperate to set up the service system, become a professional service, solve the farmers' difficulties, ensure the straw briquette fuel, steadily promote science. Through the guidance of "policy support, economy, driven by demonstration, industry promotion, perfect service", and gradually promote the use of biomass pellet fuel in rural areas.
    Pellet fuel industry crisis to promote the development of coal industry
    With the improvement of people for life environmental requirements, environment stress in a number of larger and larger. Countries restrict coal mines and the "prohibition" makes the coal industry into crisis.
    China shenhua coal enterprises, China's largest (15.31, 0.83, 5.73%) half annual report, China shenhua coal production goods fell 10.1% year on year, coal sales fell 24.2% year on year. China coal energy (6.80, 0.52, 8.28%) half annual report showed that commodity coal output fell 22.1% year-on-year in the first half of China coal energy, coal sales fell 14.6% year on year.
    Two big decline in performance of the first half of the coal enterprises become the epitome of the current dilemma of coal industry. LuJunLing, deputy director of the national development and reform commission, the economic operation adjustment bureau is introduced, in the first half of the national scale coal enterprise profit of 20.05 billion yuan of above, only 10.5% of the same period in 2012. The end of the semester. The loss of loss of enterprises reached 24.11 billion yuan, the percentage of loss-incurring enterprises large and medium-sized coal enterprises has reached more than 70%.
    Coal rich coal industry crisis indicates the time has in the past, gradually rises to a new generation of industry, new energy of pellet fuel era is about to open the door of clean energy.
    Under the promoting of biomass pellet mill scale, makes the biomass pellet fuel market, realize the environment friendly, promote a virtuous cycle of ecological civilization and green development industry.




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