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    At present, the biological energy technology research and development has become a hot topic, one of the major world by governments around the world with the attention of scientists. Sawdust particles machine as the main equipment of producing biomass pellet fuel, responsibility is significant. Biomass pellet fuel of the future development prospect by national attention, has been listed as essential to the research program of science and technology, the widespread use of biomass pellet fuel is more conducive to the protection of the environment, the governance of the atmosphere, to create a "green China" prelude. Today let's together to listen to dalian biomass granule manufacturer about wood pellet fuel and coal is the main difference.
    What is the difference between sawdust particles machine fuel and coal?
    Carbon content. Biomass boiler fuel particle carbon content is less, one of the highest carbon content is only 50%, compared to coal boiler heating value is low.
    The hydrogen content. Biomass boiler fuel particle slightly more hydrogen content, volatile significantly more, most biomass carbon and hydrogen combined into low molecular hydrocarbons, to a certain temperature after thermal decomposition and precipitation volatile, so the biomass fuels easy to ignite.
    Oxygen levels. The biomass boiler fuel particle more oxygen and its oxygen content significantly more than coal, it makes the biomass fuel calorific value is low.
    Density. Biomass fuel density is small, significantly lower than coal, quality of a material is loose, easy to burnout, residual carbon in ash carbon amount less than the carbon content in fly ash.
    Sulfur bethanath comparison. Biomass fuel sulfur block is low, less than 0.12%, mostly boiler don't have to set the desulfurization device.
    Biomass release of CO2 is very low, compared with coal-fired boiler can be thought of as zero CO2 emissions.
    Biomass burning ash can make chemical fertilizer, wastes can be recycled, fossil fuel coal is hard to do.
    Biomass can be blended with coal combustion, increase the combustion efficiency.
    Using biomass combustion can realize biomass waste reduction, harmless and recycling use.
    Our country is agricultural country, biological sawdust particles machine fuel source is very rich, many places in our country, like crops such as rice, maize straw use undeserved, utilization rate is low, resulting in the pollution of environment at the same time. Now with the emergence of sawdust pellet machine equipment, fuel wood particles machine greatly relieve the energy problem and environmental problems in China, better to create economic benefits.




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