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    來源:必发bf88唯一官网 发布时间:2016-11-30 11:39 浏覽次數:
    This morning, I heard a customer said he was cheated, we are very sad, but also very angry, to buy biomass pellet machine is not cheap ah.
    Deceived customers not only this one, before and after a lot, there will be many, many reasons for being cheated, but petty suffer a great deal of accounts for a large part of.
    Not to say that the price is expensive is good, because the liar will also be reported at a high price, there are cases of high price cheated.
    In the study of biomass pellet machine, if the same production of equipment offer, thousands of pieces of this is nothing, but if the difference between the tens of thousands of pieces, it must be carefully considered.
    Biomass is used to make money, buy, so must Pishi durable, stable production, low failure rate, this equipment can make money. How to make a day of the day to make money.
    设备怎样才能稳定耐用?喷漆喷的漂亮? 价格便宜?还是广告做的好?
    Equipment how to be stable and durable? Beautiful spray? Cheap? Or advertising to do good?
    Is not, is the material, is the equipment with the alloy, this is the root, this is the difference. Good with good equipment, appearance at first glance do not see, but for a few months to see.
    Any factory equipment can be done within an hour to give you a demonstration of the perfect effect, but it has been such a good effect that there is not a few.
    But the total can not be used for a few months to give money, it is unrealistic, the so-called installment payment is not realistic, but it can be used to find a few months of manufacturers ah.
    Your idea of investigation, investigation, don't be silly to take you directly to the manufacturers, also don't believe all clients, with the good, look good on the line of business.





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